Alexander Mackenzie

AGMAs an artist, I am at least as interested in what is not seen and not heard, as in as what is seen. Over the years I continually come back to the simplicity of a single object, a still life, an invented still life as the portal to the whole, beyond the image. I have chosen painting as a place to share the transcendent. I believe that colour, movement within colour, an incidental mark, are the footprints of the spiritual. Whilst I could never be accused of being religious, I have been a lifelong friend of the numenous. My paintings are as close to me as my dearest friends and I share them with you as I might share a secret. They are deeply personal, full of fun and frenzy, and are the métier of intimacy as I understand it.

As a professional consultant and executive coach I carry the same passion for spirit in business, working with strategy, leadership and personal endeavour as hallmarks of the spiritual.

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