Mixed media on canvas, 4x4ft


Mixed media on canvas, 4x4ft


Mixed media on canvas, 4x4ft


Mixed media on canvas, 4x4ft


All my life having a real fire has been such an important part of where I live. A lot happens for me around a flame. Thoughts, that never were before, arise and warm the cockles of my heart. Old issues that weigh heavy can be furnaced by the firelight and I do like a little … More Blaze


In the old days, archaeologists dug deep into caverns vast and wide looking for treasure. Once found the treasure was cleaned up and put on view for inspection and contemplation. These days painting can do a similar thing on the inside. We painters dig and delve into places inside that sometimes reek and scare, in … More Birdwatch


It can happen, maybe as we catch the eye of someone, or notice the sound of soft bellied laughter, that a moment arises that is as sweet as ever its going to be. We can miss these moments, avoid them, steer clear of them or decide to cherish them. I think that part of the … More L’Orange

Lord of the Dance

Sometimes making a painting could be described in similar terms to cooking something delicious: take a slice of vermillion and a dash of pebbled white and mix together roughly with oil of olive green etc. The mix can be roughshod but the result is sublime and tasty beyond words. It almost assumes a life of … More Lord of the Dance

Fleur Blue

We might lose many things in life and just when we least expect it lose what might feel like the most important thing, our belief in living another day. Then, when on the brink of no return, something can come to rest on the heart – unasked for and unexpected – that lifts up hope … More Fleur Blue

Stone urn

I have always thought that the stone urns that are used to feed cattle or grow hardy strong limbed plants are the chalices of nature. They are made to last forever and can only be broken by nature – a freezing ice and a baking sun will do it where heavy animals and misuse will … More Stone urn