Lord of the Dance

Sometimes making a painting could be described in similar terms to cooking something delicious: take a slice of vermillion and a dash of pebbled white and mix together roughly with oil of olive green etc. The mix can be roughshod but the result is sublime and tasty beyond words. It almost assumes a life of … More Lord of the Dance

Fleur Blue

We might lose many things in life and just when we least expect it lose what might feel like the most important thing, our belief in living another day. Then, when on the brink of no return, something can come to rest on the heart – unasked for and unexpected – that lifts up hope … More Fleur Blue

Stone urn

I have always thought that the stone urns that are used to feed cattle or grow hardy strong limbed plants are the chalices of nature. They are made to last forever and can only be broken by nature – a freezing ice and a baking sun will do it where heavy animals and misuse will … More Stone urn


So when we come to the end of time and approach the pearly gates, we need to have a good excuse for St Peter, if we are not to be sent packing. He might look at me and at the end of pages of blacklisting, peer at me and say: “Why should you come in … More Kissyfish


Let’s suppose there is a kingdom beyond this one we know, where instead of a ruling power there is a kind of beingness. There we might sit down together and notice the things that move us deeply within as well as without. Here we might pay tribute to the ordinary as extraordinary and the unnoticed … More Tribute


As painters we are alchemists. We concoct, mix, heat and muddle a range of different colours and mediums in search of our very own philosophers stone. Sometimes sparks fly and powers rage as we dabble with the gods in our search for gold. Time and again we muster the courage to go forward only to … More Alchemy


I love the oddity of painting flowers that do not go into a vase but rather surround it as an immanence. Flowers are magical reminders of our colourful nature. I am an artistic anarchist in the sense that I like to be work with beauty inside out so to speak and like to use flowers … More Potful